Dynamic Deal Day Influencer Promotion Package

We are a group of influencers, there are 4 of us, with 3 Amazon Live Accounts, and a TON of social media influence between the four of us. (Over 145,000 fans and followers). Two accounts are live stream insider accounts, and one account is a live stream A-Lister account. 

Why is an A-Lister Account important?

A-Listers qualify for placement on the front page of Amazon, and also on the popular “Today’s Deals” page. This equals a TON of traffic to the live streams. Insiders grab traffic to the live streams from the Amazon Live Page and also the Product pages within Amazon. 

You can find out more about each of us at Meet Your Creators.

LOOK AT EVERYTHING YOU GET!! The Ultimate Influencer Promotion Package!!

* ($750) THREE SHOPPABLE VIDEOS. You get the 3 shoppable videos from 3 different Amazon influencer accounts.
Utechpia – A Lister, TheHoneyDARE – insider, and CallThatGeek – insider.
*($1000) POSTED ON YOUTUBE WITH OVER 35,000 FOLLOWERS. We post those videos onto our influencer page which links to your product. We will also post these videos on our YouTube channels collectively over 35,000 followers. Utechpia’s Youtube, TheHoneyDARE’s Youtube, CallThatGeek’s Youtube.
*($300) SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZED BLOG FOR YOUR KEYWORDS. We will create an SEO blog post here with links to your Amazon listing, videos, and fully optimized for keywords and photos with a full article.
*($1000) 3 LIVE STREAMS MINIMUM INCLUDING DEAL DAY! We will live stream on all 3 Influencer channels, and on Utechpia’s channel, we will be streaming the big Dynamic Deal Day. It’s a special 4-hour live giveaway show, marketed as the largest giveaway show on Amazon. We will feature your product and one person will get to win it. Influencer channels here: Utechpia – A-Lister, TheHoneyDARE – insider, and CallThatGeek – insider.
*($2000) POSTING YOUR LINK TO OUR SOCIALS. We will all be posting to our social media with your links as well with over 146,000 followers.
*And we have a few extra surprises! We like to over-deliver.
*If you were to purchase each service individually, this would be $5050 worth! And it’s all yours for only $1100!!

Our rules:
You must send out your products to 3 different addresses. So your commitment is 3 products and $1100.

Why wait till Black Friday? Start shopping now! We do this on the 3rd Friday of every month from 3 pm pst to 7 pm pst. Our next available month is June 17, 2022, we only have 31 slots 27 slots left open. Once you order, we will send you the shipping address and further details.

LIMITED TIME ONLY!! Was $1100! Because many of you it’s the first time working with us…… Now, only $650!! This will NOT be this price next month. Get in now!!