Meet Your Creators

UTECHPIA aka David, he’s a Software Developer, Mechanical Engineer, Photographer, and Tech Lover! AND all around nice guy! For real. Utechpia is an A Lister, and goes live all the time! He’s fun, dynamic, and a giant ball of energy love.

“Call that Geek” aka Jesse, is a home and tech specialist that created over $3 million in Amazon sales this past 12 months. A long-standing YouTube influencer with 10,000+ dedicated followers and an Amazon Live Insider Influencer that does 10-12 Amazon Live shows a week that specializes in home and tech products. Jesse remains a true-to-heart family man with 2 young kids. Daily Jesse’s creativity and imagination prove beneficial in having a motivated, active and happy home.

Amazon Influencer Jesse “Call That Geek”
Amazon Influencer Amy Jo Honey

Amy Jo Honey is an international speaker and trainer in the areas of customer engagement,  body language, behavior modification, sales, and habit transformation.   She has an extensive background in high ticket sales and is known by her peers. As the “power-house closer”.   She has achieved over 7 million in product sales at live events and online, and is an authentic risk-taker with a great sense of humor.    Amy has numerous health and fitness certifications and was a professional stunt actress.   Amy’s greatest passion is transforming peoples lives to make a positive impact on the world through connecting the right people with the right products. 

Amy does 3 live shopping shows on Amazon besides DynamicDealDay.   
Meet the Authors-High level author interviews focused on reading products.  Books, reading lights, pillows, blankets, massagers (to use while reading), planners, notepads
Unboxing The Unknown – this is game show style live shopping with prizes.   Companies ship us products to unbox, viewers guess what’s in the box for extra entries to win.     
Anti Aging Hour with Amy – Any mindset or beauty product around health and wellness.  This is not just about looking good after 50, it’s about FEELING good after 50.   

Jamie Honey an Australian born World Traveler was an International Stunt Actor, Show Creator for Warner Brothers Movie World Australia, Universal Studios Japan, and lecturer at Gold Coast Film Academy. Jamie’s known as an Energy Creation Specialist, currently certified in Emotion code, Energy Healing, Reiki and Hypnosis and is an extremely Fun Trainer in the Subconscious Mind, Creativity and Imagination.

Amazon Influencer Jamie Honey